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Bringing the Ancient Christian Faith to Pueblo, CO.
Welcome, come  and discover Orthodox Christianity with us!
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St. Michael Church - FaithStreet
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Orthodox Church in America, Diocese of the West.
"There is here more than just an unbroken historical continuity, which is indeed quite obvious. There is above all an ultimate spiritual and ontological identity; the same faith, the same spirit, the same ethos."
    Fr. George Florovsky
110 years and counting

Wednesday July 9th: 33 - 500 AD
    Martyrdom, Doctrine, & Empire

Wednesday July 16th: 500 - 1,000 AD
    The Struggle of Truth and Love

Wednesday July 23rd: 1,000 - 1,500 AD
    Christendom divided, the fall of Byzantium, and the rise
    of Holy Rus'

Wednesday July 30th: 1,500 - the present
    Western Fracture, Russia: the guardian of the East, and a new     age of Christian blood