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The Messenger   ~ August 2019

“For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty. For when He received honor and glory from God the Father, and the voice was borne to Him by the Majestic glory, 'This is my beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased,' we ourselves heard this very voice borne from heaven, for we were with Him on the holy mountain."
2 Peter 1:16-18

On the Dormition

St. Gregory Palamas

(Then the time came for) “The mysterious divine pan for the virgins betrothal, the strange, inexplicable greeting of the Archangel who flew down from on high, and God's message and salutations, which reversed Adam and Eve's condemnation, and healed the curse which was upon them, turning it into a blessing (Lk. 1:28-38). For the King of all desired the secret beauty of the Ever-Virgin, as David foretold ( cf. Ps. 45:11). He bowed the heavens and came down (PS. 18:9, and overshadowed her (cf. Lk 1:35), rather, the power of the Most High came to dwell in her in His very person. He did not reveal His presence through darkness and fire, as He did to Moses (cf. Ex. 19:16, 18), nor through a tempest and cloud, as He did to Elijah (cf. 1 Kgs. 18:45), but the unveiled power of the Most High directly overshadowed the Virgin's perfectly pure womb with nothing intervening, neither the air of the earth or heaven, nor anything visible or invisible. For this was not overshadowing, but pure union. 

Since anything that overshadows something else naturally gives it its own form and character, what came to pass in the Virgin's womb was not just union but the formation, out of both the power of the Most High and her all-holy virgin womb, of the incarnate Word of God. The Word of God in the flesh made His abode in her, came forth from her, 'and appeared on earth and went about among men'. He made our human nature divine, and bestowed on us, according to the holy Apostle, 'things the angels desire to look into' (1 Pet. 1:12). Such is the extraordinary honor and all-surpassing glory of the Ever-Virgin, which defeats the mind and speech of all, however angelic they be. Again, what words can express the events that followed this indescribable Birth? Cooperating with, and sharing in the sufferings of, the self emptying of the Word of God (cf. Phil. 2:7), which was accomplished through her, and led to His exaltation, she was justly glorified and lifted up with Him, constantly adding great gifts to the extraordinary ones already bestowed upon her. Even after He Who took flesh from her ascended into heaven, it was as though she was striving to emulate the great works past understanding and speech which He had wrought in her, through patient endurance in all kinds of asceticism, though prayers and exertions for the whole world, and counsels and exhortations for those going to the ends of the earth to preach. She was the sole support and consolation of all who saw of heard he, assisting by various means in the proclamation of the Gospel. 

Thus she showed that her whole life, her behaviors, her mind and her words, were utterly devoted to godly striving. As a result of this, her death, too, was life-giving and led to heavenly, immortal life, and its day of remembrance is a joyful holiday and worldwide festival. Not only does it renew the memory of the wonders of the Mother of god, it also commemorates the unheard-of way in which the Apostles were gathered from every country to her sacred funeral, the hymns of divine revelation sung on that occasion by these inspired men, the attendance of angels, singing and ministering around her. They escorted her and followed behind, they aided and opposed, protected and defended, and with all their might assisted in deed and song, those who in any way reverenced that body which had held God and is the starting point of life, the saving remedy of our human race, solemnly chosen from the whole Creation. On the other hand, they secretly fought and opposed the Jews when they insulted her and rebelled against God in thought and deed. The Lord of Hosts, meanwhile, the Son of the Ever-Virgin, was invisibly present, honoring His Mother's departure. Into His hands she entrusted he God-bearing spirit, and through Him her body, her spirit's companion, was soon translated into a heavenly place of eternal life, as rightly befits her whole life from the very beginning.” 

Set Service Schedule: 
     Weekend schedule
- Every Saturday, Great Vespers 5:30 pm.
- Every Sunday, Hours at 9:10 am & Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am.
     Weekday schedule 
+ An Akathist is served at 6:30 am every Tuesday.
+ Matins is served at 6:30 am, every Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday.

Coffee fellowship:  
Bible Study / Orthodox Education: Will Resume in September
Upcoming Major & Great Feasts:Transfiguration, Tuesday the 7th, Holy Dormition, Thursday the 15th. 
Women's group: Saturday the 24th at 9:30 am

“Remain true to Christ, then His grace will not let you lose your way in the darkness of the temptations of today”
Met. Onuphry of Ukraine

Parish notes

During the summer time, please remember that modesty in dress is always the standard in church. 

We have received the Holy Fire, which appears at the Holy Sepulchral in Jerusalem at Pascha. You are welcome to take it home as a blessing. Please bring a suitable means of transporting the flame to your home.

The Dormition Fast begins on August 1st and ends on the 15th. 

All weekday matins services will return to a 6 am start time on the 7th of this month. Tuesday morning Akathists remain at 6:30 am. 

Orthodox Education / Bible Study will resume in September. 

A church cleaning list is now in the Narthex, please consider signing up to clean the Church nave for a month. 

Confession is an integral part of true Christian living. An Orthodox Christian who is regularly partaking of Holy Communion needs, for the health of their soul, to be partaking of Holy Confession at least on a monthly basis. This practice of true Christian living should be respected and practiced by all responsible members of the Church who are approaching the Chalice frequently. 

Library note: if you have had a library book for awhile please remember to return it. Remember the library is a honor system.

A note on Prosphora bread: Prosphora is blessed bread partaken of after Holy Communion and at the conclusion of the Div. Liturgy. Please be mindful of crumbs, it is important to instruct children to eat it with reverence. If you share with a member of the congregation who has not partaken of Holy Communion, please only give one or two pieces. If you notice a number of crumbs on the floor please pick them up and deposit them outside. Prosphora should never be thrown in the trash.

Parents: please make sure that your children do not go to the restroom unattended. This is for the greater safety of our community and children.

Another reminder: Generally speaking there should be no unnecessary moving about during the Div. Liturgy; specifically during the reading of the Gospel, the Anaphora, and the Our Father all moving about should cease, unless it is an emergency. Parents are encouraged to help their children focus during these times.

Diapers and wipes: we are partnering with a Caring Pregnancy Center through supplying diapers and wipes. Please bring donations to the church. This is an ongoing ministry. A Caring Pregnancy Center helps woman make an informed choice for life. Protecting life at every stage is the job of every Christian.

Coffee Hour: Please be mindful which group you belong to and please be diligent in bringing food. This is in fact a ministry. It is the listed group's responsibility to make sure the coffee is made, please communicate with your group members as to who will do this. Thank you for all your hard work!


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Set Weekend Service Schedule: 
Every Sat/ Great Vespers 5:30pm 
Sun/ Hours 9:10 & Divine Liturgy 9:30am
For other service times please see the calendar

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