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The Messenger   ~ November 2019

“I would have you know, brothers, that the Gospel that was preached by me is not according to man. For I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ." 
Gal. 1:11-12

The Manifestation of Truth

Met. Luke of Zaporozhye 

The dynamic change in world society indicates all the more the acceleration of the process of globalization, which will lead to the last period of human life in this earthly world. 

The active involvement of overseas diplomats in the life of the Orthodox Church cannot be explained simply in geopolitical terms. Behind it all a person may sense something more important and significant than political and economic interests. The spirit of universal evil has been activated in the sphere of church relations, for which it was necessary to prepare the soil beforehand. 

In the conditions of the last times the existence of the Church will also change. 

The presence of the virtue of faithfulness to Christ will separate the faithful from those who worship the antichrist, whose power in this world will be outwardly presented in the many varying religious traditions, including orthodoxy. Their legitimacy (in the world order) will be determined by their willingness to bow before the image of the beast. Those who refuse to do this will be declared unlawful. 

St. Ignatius the God-bearer says: “Where the bishop is, there is the Church.” The fullness of the Church is present in community, which is composed of the bishop - as the successor of the apostles - the college of priests and deacons, and the believing people, united in the Eucharistic gathering. This fullness is self-sufficient and offers to its members everything needful for the knowledge given to us by God our Redeemer. 

It is vital for us to understand this truth, so that we may guard the purity of Orthodoxy in the new situations of human society. 

In the case of the Churches in Constantinople and Greece we see that the antichirst decisions are not accepted by the fullness of the church, rather they are accepted by top administrators who have been accordingly prepared by the directors of the new world order.

At the same time, in the midst of these Churches there are large amounts of clergy and laity who do not agree with these decisions and remain faithful to holy tradition. It may be said with confidence, that in the future the overseas diplomats will seek to leverage influence on Bishops of other Local Churches, most of all on those who have an authoritative voice. 

Yet this, altogether, does not mean that every Local Church will fall away from God due to only the decisions of a small group of people.

It follows that, according to the ecclesiology of the holy martyr Ignatius the God-bearer and ancient church tradition, Eucharistic communion must be guarded through inter-church unity with those Eucharistic communities which have not gone down the path of betraying their faith.  

According to the spirit of the times and the prophetic words of our Savior, we may assess that faithfulness to the Mother Church will be upheld in holiness on the level of the individual being of each Eucharistic fullness (community), led by those bishops who have not gone down the path of betrayal ...

We have come to that time when Truth will reveal itself not in the decisions of Priestly Synods of even Councils of various Churches, which already may be guided by the administrative spirit of this world, but rather by the faithfulness of each, considered individually, to the Christian dogmas and canons of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

We must live and believe in such a manner that we may give a positive answer to the question given by our Savior, “Will He find faith, when He returns to judge the world” (cf. Lk. 18:8)? Only the small flock which has remained faithful to God will say a strong “Yes” to Him.

Set Service Schedule: 
     Weekend schedule
- Every Saturday, Great Vespers 5:30 pm.
- Every Sunday, Hours at 9:10 am & Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am.
     Weekday schedule 
+ An Akathist is served at 6:30 am every Tuesday.
+ Matins is served at 6 am, every Wednesday & Friday.

Coffee fellowship:  
Bible Study / Orthodox Education: Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Not meeting on the 27th.
Upcoming Major & Great Feasts: 116th Parish Feast Day: Friday the 8th. Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple, Thursday the 21st.
Women's group: Saturday the 23rd.

“Remain true to Christ, then His grace will not let you lose your way in the darkness of the temptations of today”
Met. Onuphry of Ukraine

Parish notes

During the summer time, please remember that modesty in dress is always the standard in church. 

Orthodox Education / Bible Study, every Wednesday  at 6:30 pm. Not meeting on the 27th/

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: our 116th Parish Feast Day is Friday, November, 8th. Make plans to be there! Archbishop Benjamin will be with us. Service schedule – Thursday: Great Vespers with Litya at 6 pm; Friday: Hours at 8:20 am and Div. Liturgy at 8:40 am. 
There will be a festive potluck following the Div. Liturgy, please bring a dish to share! (remember it is a fast day but fish, wine, and oil are permitted.) 

St. Nicholas party, Sunday Dec. 8th.

A church cleaning list is now in the Narthex, please consider signing up to clean the Church nave for a month. 

Confession is an integral part of true Christian living. An Orthodox Christian who is regularly partaking of Holy Communion needs, for the health of their soul, to be partaking of Holy Confession at least on a monthly basis. This practice of true Christian living should be respected and practiced by all responsible members of the Church who are approaching the Chalice frequently. 

Library note: if you have had a library book for awhile please remember to return it. Remember the library is a honor system.

A note on Prosphora bread: Prosphora is blessed bread partaken of after Holy Communion and at the conclusion of the Div. Liturgy. Please be mindful of crumbs, it is important to instruct children to eat it with reverence. If you share with a member of the congregation who has not partaken of Holy Communion, please only give one or two pieces. If you notice a number of crumbs on the floor please pick them up and deposit them outside. Prosphora should never be thrown in the trash.

Parents: please make sure that your children do not go to the restroom unattended. This is for the greater safety of our community and children.

Another reminder: Generally speaking there should be no unnecessary moving about during the Div. Liturgy; specifically during the reading of the Gospel, the Anaphora, and the Our Father all moving about should cease, unless it is an emergency. Parents are encouraged to help their children focus during these times.

Diapers and wipes: we are partnering with a Caring Pregnancy Center through supplying diapers and wipes. Please bring donations to the church. This is an ongoing ministry. A Caring Pregnancy Center helps woman make an informed choice for life. Protecting life at every stage is the job of every Christian.

Coffee Hour: Please be mindful which group you belong to and please be diligent in bringing food. This is in fact a ministry. It is the listed group's responsibility to make sure the coffee is made, please communicate with your group members as to who will do this. Thank you for all your hard work!


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Set Weekend Service Schedule: 
Every Sat/ Great Vespers 5:30pm 
Sun/ Hours 9:10 & Divine Liturgy 9:30am
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